UR Fit Wellness Center

Published On January 27, 2016 | January/February 2016

Make 2016 Your Fittest Year Yet

With a little of the latest technology, experts Xavier Ramirez and Kara Sandoval, of Ur Fit Wellness Center, get back to basics

By Davina Bruno


The health landscape in Austin is, by all standards, very rich. Every quarter or so, a new craze comes to the fore, a new branding of fitness clubs open up, and people start exercising and eating in new ways. This vibrancy makes the city perfect for starting enterprises aimed at holistic, lasting health, one of which is UR Fit Wellness Center located at 10601 Ranch Road 2222 Austin. Only a few months old, the center has already made a name for itself by responding to people’s health needs in a thorough, careful manner and with a true passion for health and fitness.

The typical journey with UR Fit Wellness Center begins with an assessment using their Fit3D body scanner along with a functional movement screening, and the full assessment measures overall wellness, blood pressure, and body fat composition. Along with this, is the nutrition portion where clients are given a monthly meal plan, interactive cooking classes, as well as local and organic meals from the chefs at Seed. The third pillar of the UR Fit model is the fitness portion that includes boot camp/fitness classes, personal training, and monthly workouts and assessments.

ur-fit center

For owner, Xavier Ramirez, UR Fit is a natural progression from his 12 years of experience in fitness and wellness, and his training with the NAFC. Xavier noticed the inefficiency health clients face with going to one facility to exercise and another to find specialist nutritional advice. He created the center to combine the different aspects of health so that it is easier for clients to reach their lifestyle goals.

Along with the center’s wellness manager, Kara Sandoval, who received her certification with PTA Global, Ramirez also strives to take care of the mental health of clients. At the start of the fitness journey, clients fill out a questionnaire which helps reveal each person’s true motivation for living healthier. According to Xavier, knowing this guides him and Kara better, and gives them something specific with which to motivate clients to reach their goals. There is also an affirmation post in the middle of the center; clients write positive messages on the metal beam as a continuous source of self-encouragement. Apart from these methods, Xavier and Kara are both experienced in client care in the mental sphere because of their training and years of experience in various fitness competitions.

He created the center to combine the different aspects of health so that it is easier for clients to reach their lifestyle goals.

Xavier hopes to expand the scope of the gym over time as some alarming trends arise in Austin, including fad diets. According to Ramirez, restrictive habits, like the Paleo diet, are becoming more common, and continue to cause long-term physical damage because they do not include enough vitamins and minerals to support true health. This is where he and Kara show true excitement because the center’s delicious and nutritious meals are meant to sustain wellness while taking the boredom and stress out of healthy living. Xavier and Kara also noticed that many Austinites rush into fitness classes without taking their personal fitness level into consideration. Often, classes are too difficult for clients and they get hurt or burned out. UR Fit, in response to this trend, is committed to assessing clients carefully and gradually introducing challenges as client fitness improves. With time, Ramirez hopes to expand the impact of the center and reverse some of these trends by educating the local community about nutrition and fitness, and by opening another center in the downtown area.

As UR Fit welcomes in the new year as a new business, Xavier and Kara have some tips on starting 2016 off strong.

  1.  Set realistic goals that are measurable and tangible.
  2.  Write those goals on sticky notes or mirrors around your home. This will be a constant reminder for accountability.
  3.  Take small steps first to achieving your goals, anywhere from eating one healthy meal a day or even working out once or twice a week.
  4.  Use your family as a support system.
  5. This is the most important – know that you will fail along the way, and you may fail many times, but that’s ok, no need to feel guilt at all. It’s about the journey, just get back up and keep at it. Eventually those falls will be fewer and less painful.

For more information visit, www.urfitwellnesscenter.com

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