Texas Physical Therapy Specialists: Dr. Mark Milligan

Published On March 17, 2014 | March/April 2014

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists

By Jonathan Black

Whether you are a physical therapy patient or a medical provider who prefers to visit a physical therapist, Dr. Mark Milligan, a physical therapist with Texas Physical Therapy Specialists, wants you to know about trigger-point dry needling. “This very effective technique for treating muscular pain uses a very fine needle inserted at points of pain or muscle trigger points.”

It is just one of the services offered by Dr. Milligan and his associates at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists. “We provide hands-on physical therapy care based on the newest research for all musculoskeletal conditions,” he explains. They offer skilled manual therapies, such as joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue manipulation, trigger point dry needling, lymphatic massage as well as hand therapy, functional rehabilitation and exercise prescription.

When asked what makes Texas Physical Therapy Specialists unique, Dr. Milligan cites three guiding objectives, “clinical excellence, amazing customer service and care excellence.” Clinical excellence begins with ensuring each of the practice’s providers is board certified, which places their providers in the top 5 percent of physical therapists in the country. Providers determine each individual patient’s plan of care by utilizing the latest research. Once care begins for a patient, Texas Physical Therapy Specialists meticulously track outcomes, helping to get the right care to the right patient at the right time, to reach the best result.

“We care about our patients,” Dr. Milligan says. “Being compassionate and accommodating during times of pain helps patients feel better.” The practice strives to ensure every patient has the best possible experience. In fact, Texas Physical Therapy Specialists’ goals for their patients go beyond just the best possible experience. They want their patients to have fun during physical therapy. While this is about customer service, it is also excellent clinical care.

Environment impacts patient healing. By encouraging patients to have fun, they also help to facilitate the healing and rehabilitation process.

Dr. Milligan graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. He completed a one-year orthopedic residency with Evidence in Motion, a knowledge exchange studio providing cutting-edge programs, research, resources and training to the physical therapy community. Dr. Milligan is in the second year of an orthopedic manual physical therapy fellowship, along with Evidence in Motion.

Dr. Milligan finds satisfaction in guiding patients through the healing process, “They need to know what that process looks like, feels like and how long it takes. It’s my job to provide an appropriate plan of care and empower patients to recognize their role in maintaining health,” says Dr. Milligan.

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