Personalized Meds and Care

Published On March 13, 2014 | March/April 2014

Mark and Leslie Newberry

Tarrytown Pharmacy makes individualized care a priority

By Lauren Bolado

Tarrytown Pharmacy has been serving the Austin area for over 70 years. Over these years, innovations in the pharmaceutical industry and the prevalence of big name pharmacies have changed the industry, but Tarrytown Pharmacy has stayed true to its mission: dependability and quality service.

Mark and Leslie Newberry are the third generation of Newberrys to own Tarrytown Pharmacy, starting with Mark’s grandfather, Jack Newberry. Mark’s father, Brian Newberry, purchased the store and continued the traditions of service, community and dependability until Mark decided that he, too, would purchase the store and carry on the family business. Mark explains that he was never asked to take on the family business.

“My father told me, ‘Son, you need to find out what you love doing and what makes you happy. You are not going to be good at it if you don’t love doing it,’” Mark explains.

Mark loves being a pharmacist and says that going into work at Tarrytown Pharmacy each day is like social hour because he knows all of his customers so well. His patients and customers are his friends, and he takes pride in helping those he cares about as well as offering a pharmacy with great service and convenience.

Tarrytown Pharmacy offers conveniences that are uncommon to the times. Customers unable to come into the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions or other necessities are able to have their orders delivered. For the mother with a sick child or a disabled senior citizen, for example, this service is helpful and appreciated.

The most unique of the conveniences available at Tarrytown Pharmacy is their ability to produce compounded prescriptions. Ironically, pharmacies used to produce compounded prescriptions quite often because there were not any large pharmaceutical companies to mass produce the medications. As these companies started becoming more prevalent, compounding became less common, but its use is on the rise again. Compounding gives the pharmacist the capability of personalizing a prescription to fill the individual needs of each customer, including pets.

“Animals get sick too,” Mark says. “A lot of the drugs they need are similar to human medications, but the delivery methods and dosages may need to be adjusted.”

Because animals do not have nearly as many treatment options as humans do, this service can help pet owners get medications not typically available. In addition to receiving medications that are individually made with their pets’ needs in mind, flavorings, such as liver for dogs or fish for cats, can be added to make the medication enjoyable for the animal. The method of administering medication can also be altered, like the topical method, for specific conditions as opposed to an oral medication.

Compounding has many benefits, including the ability to reproduce discontinued medications, change the delivery method to suit individual needs, adjust doses that are not mass produced by large pharmaceutical companies and make medications that are allergy friendly.

Compounding is innovating the pharmaceutical industry, yet it is not widely available. There are only a few locations in Austin where this service is available, making Tarrytown Pharmacy a leader in customer-centered service.

“What sets us aside from chains is our service: We sell service,” Mark says.

Their service is what keeps the pharmacy very busy each day. Physicians refer patients to Tarrytown Pharmacy for their unique compounding ability so that patients have their one-stop-shop for medicinal needs. Also available at Tarrytown Pharmacy is a cozy, comfortable boutique filled with high-end gifts that provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. Preventative consulting and care is the future for Tarrytown Pharmacy.

“One thing pharmacies do very well is treat people who are sick. An area we can improve is to help our patients lead healthier lifestyles to prevent them from getting ill in the first place,” Mark explains.

Tarrytown Pharmacy hopes to add preventative care and education to its model with supplements and disease management options. Mark explains that his customers may only see their physician once a year, whereas he may see them once a month. Due to the accessibility to the customer, his goal is to reach his customers on a more personal level to encourage healthy living.

Tragedy struck the Newberry family when Mark lost his father to cancer, but through this tragedy, Mark found the inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“Tragedy can strike at any time, and we can’t control a lot of it. I can control my own risk factors through lowering my cholesterol, controlling my blood sugar, eating healthy and exercising regularly,” Mark explains.

The birth of his twin daughters gave him a new perspective on how, but more importantly why, to live a healthier lifestyle. Mark is participating in his first marathon in two weeks and will be competing in the Hawaii Half Iron Man. He is excited for these competitions, because they play into his competitive nature while keeping him in shape, and this provides a way to stay active with friends!

“Healthy living is key,” Mark says. “In order to instruct my customers to live healthy, I have to walk the walk myself. That is why my wife and I have taken an active approach to refining our diet, exercising regularly and being healthy.”

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