Tadashi – Upscale Japanese Cuisine in a Modern Space

Published On July 16, 2015 | July/August 2015

Chef Sun Il is creating stellar cuisine in this Hill Country spot

By Giselle Suazo / photos by 3E2iA1 Productions

Tadashi, a restaurant tucked in the Hill Country Galleria shopping center, offers fresh Japanese food straight from the cutting station of Chef Sun Il. Chef Il’s cutlery skills and attention to detail can be seen in every dish offered at Tadashi. He has been with Tadashi since they opened their doors in the fall of 2013 and has had a major influence creating their dishes.

Menu options vary from your traditional sushi to more traditional Japanese dishes such as kushiyaki, which are skewered and grilled meats and vegetables. This summer, Il is offering a special fresh summer sushi complete with refreshing slices of kiwi and wild Hawaiian tuna accompanying complimenting flavors. The dish is a perfect representation of the healthy and modern choices Tadashi offers to its customers.

“We have several customers who look for soy-free options, so we always keep a sauce made from coconut and amino acids handy and we also have many gluten-free items,” said Kevin Stout, general manager at Tadashi.

Tadashi has remained loyal to its Japanese roots by serving the fish they use in their dishes flown straight from the markets of Tsukiji, a small fish market in the city of Tokyo, and other neighboring countries.

“The fish is not the only import we have at Tadashi, we also fly in East Asian radishes because American radishes are too small and there isn’t much we can do with them,” said Stout.
Tadashi hopes to expand in the near future and introduce their contemporary take on Japanese cuisine to Austinites everywhere.

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Fresh Summer Sushi Recipe

Chef Il’s inspiration for this dish was to meld Dos Lunas Guayanes Cheese – a locally made cheese from grass-fed, free-roaming cows, and it’s 100% vegetarian and Non-GMO. This is a Venezuelan cheese recipe from the region of Guayana. This cheese makes a perfect addition to the the dish because it is unsalted. We also focused on local ingredients and wild tuna.

Chef Il wanted to make it a very summer-style dish, so he added refreshing, thin slices of ginger, kiwi, and wild Hawaiian tuna. The sauce was inspired for the featured dish last year as a hatch green chile Texas poke. Chef Il wanted to add a little kick to the dish to open the guests’ palate. The slow-roasted chiles help bring out the ginger and sweet kiwi while wonderfully complimenting the cheese placed on top of the vibrant wild bigeye tuna.

5 oz sushi grade Bigeye tuna or blue fin
1/2 kiwi peeled and thinly sliced
Small knob of ginger thinly sliced
Truffle oil
3 tsp Dos Lunas Guyanese Cheese crumbled
Micro greens

Edible orchid for decoration (optional)
Poke Sauce
500 ml sushi vinegar
250 ml low salt soy sauce
5 cloves garlic (grated)
1 tsp ginger (grated)
3 tbsp togadashi
3 tbsp red onion (finely chopped)
1 Jalapeño (grilled and cubed)
1 tsp sesame oil

On a grill or a hot pan cook the jalapeño until it is soft and dark on the outside. Remove the seeds as well as the top layer of skin and dice remaining into small cubes. Add to a mixing bowl with all the sauces and mix. Set on ice to chill or in the refrigerator. Thinly cut the tuna and place on your plate. Add the thinly sliced ginger, kiwi, and crumble a little of the Guyanese Cheese on top. Finish with a drizzle of truffle oil and garnish with the micro greens and orchid petals. The poke sauce will last two weeks in the refrigerator and it also makes a great salad dressing.

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