Serenity Creek Med Spa

Published On May 17, 2013 | May/June 2013

Sharing their formula of beauty and wellness with immeasurable passion.


There is nothing quite like taking some quality time for yourself and indulging in the magical aesthetic world of enhancing your beauty. While this treat may seem unreachable for many due to budget constraints, Serenity Creek Med Spa has affordable options for everyone. Add in the expertise of each staff member, the comforting surroundings, the compassionate staff, the patient oriented philosophies, and the Serenity Creek Med Spa equation is as close to “perfect” in both the experience and the results.

As each patient is looking for their unique outcome, the Serenity Creek staff custom tailors the best treatment on an individual basis to ensure that you achieve what you yearn for. And after talking with several patients, they described their visits with stunning smiles of satisfaction.

Vicki Hansen, the senior medical aesthetician and office manager at Serenity Creek, explained, “there are always positive results with each patient. This is due to a combination of factors that make what we specialize in amazing.” Hansen continued to explain that the spa offers individualized choices for different types of patients. “We listen to each one so we know exactly what the patient wants. Taking the time to listen makes a big difference in patient satisfaction and most times we see that first time patient again and again,” she said.

Serenity Creek keeps receiving rave reviews and has become a “must have-must do” for women and men alike throughout Austin and beyond the city limits, according to the customers.

Beth F. detailed her experience as a patient and loyal advocate, explaining how knowledgeable, helpful and down-to-earth the staff at Serenity Creek was.

“Any and all of my fears about going to a medical spa vanished when I visited Serenity Creek. In other spas or salons, I have felt out of place or judged and felt as if they were only pushing products and services. Th e Serenity team has opened their arms to me with humor and has put me at ease with an expertise that I trust,” she said.

From her experience, Beth F. was convinced that beauty and wellness should be combined in order to reach a high quality of life.

Alicia Long, the injection specialist at Serenity Creek is currently attending Austin Community College working on her Nursing degree, specializes in performing all injectables, including Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Artefill.

“I can do tons of Botox injections in one day because the appointments are approximately 30 minutes, and the patient can go right back to work after seeing us. While I also do a great deal of fillers, the appointments are a bit longer – 1 hour and due to slight swelling for a few hours, patients want to go back home for the duration of the day,” she said.

“As the medical aesthetician, it is my job to help each patient with the issue or concern they want to enhance, fix or change. I work with each patient to ensure that the products, services and treatments are giving them the results they expect and deserve. We all place an important value on educating each and every patient as best we can and give them options.” Hansen clarified that the she and her staff make recommendations to patients what they think is the best for them, that they are not salespeople.

Patient Priscilla O. feels lucky to have met Vicki Hansen four years ago at a nail salon while she was actively looking for an aesthetician.

“I immediately felt a connection with her and called and made an appointment the following week,” she said excitedly, “the entire staff makes me feel as if I’m their only customer and share my concerns about my skin looking the very best. My profession requires me to frequently speak before groups and I need and want to look as attractive as possible. I’ve had many procedures over the years such as peels, microdermabrasion and laser due to acne scarring and sun damage. Vicki and Alicia have worked with me and offered services that have taken several years off my appearance. My skin is in the best health and looks better than it has before.”

Other patients echoed what Beth F. and Priscilla O. said, emphasizing that they like the friendliness and the professionalism of the staff at Serenity Creek. The recurring praise was that the staff is very knowledgeable with new products and services, and that they recommend good product without giving a ‘sales pitch’.

Meredith Davis, founder of Austin Beauty Guide, read about Serenity Creek in an article and kept hearing about this beautiful new med spa.

“I was intrigued by all the press the spa was getting so I inquired about the services offered.  The first appointment I went in for was a facial and microdermabrasion with Vicki and she was extremely knowledgeable,” Davis said, “it was my first micro, so she explained everything thoroughly. And she was so much fun to talk to! I enjoyed my experience so much that I decided to come back for other treatments.”

Patient care coordinator Sarah McCullough noted that even during the hectic times at Open Houses, they work together to accommodate every patient and guest. “In order for our day to day responsibilities to run smoothly, we all need to work together to ensure that everything goes well. Our goal is to make every patient happy with their treatment and experience at Serenity Creek.”

Dr. Thomas Martens is the head doctor of Serenity Creek. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and a physician with over 15 years of specialized experience. He also praised the excellent staff saying, “these ladies are the foundation to Serenity Creek; they are the ones that all of our patients interact with.”

Dr. Martens is also the Medical Director for Union Treatment Centers, where he ends up spending much time at. “I am confident in our staff and their passion and determination behind Serenity Creek. They are all leaders in their field and provide a superb support network for our patients. This is what makes us successful,” Martens said.

Dr. Martens emphasizes that Serenity Creek does complimentary consultations for every service and treatment they provide to give each patient the opportunity to discuss their aesthetic questions, concerns and options to get to where they want and deserve to be. If you are looking to reverse the signs of aging, rejuvenate or enhance your appearance from a personable, luxurious medical spa, Serenity Creek Med Spa is a great place to visit.

“The aesthetic/cosmetic industry is a luxurious business and our patients deserve to be treated like VIPs. We all do our best to treat them like that without paying the VIP price. I am honored to have such a wonderful team,” he said.


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