Scott Tolan, MD


Dell Children’s Hospital/University Medical Center Brackenridge/Seton Main, MD

What do you love most about your job?

The moments of gratitude and peace. I encounter people suffering regularly. We meet at some moment when their body fails to maintain itself. Training and resources allow me to alleviate their suffering. It’s my job and responsibility, but I’m the one, with that person, that gets to say, “I’ll make you feel better.” Then medicine works! I get to be a part of healing. People are often grateful that at least some of their suffering improved. Their gratitude and peace bring me a lot of satisfaction.

Why did you pursue a career in medicine?

Growing up I made good grades and I could work hard at the sciences; thus, I learned I could do medicine. However, it wasn’t until I saw patients for the first time, with a missionary physician in Nigeria, that I saw the symphony of science, kindness and compassion, interpersonal connectedness, and faith blend into a profession. I wanted a vocation where the gifts I’d been given matched with one of the world’s great needs.

What’s special and unique about your practice?

I take care of everyone from the newborn nursery to the nursing home. However, I am a hospitalist, so I only see people when they are too sick to receive care at home. I am a part of the children’s hospital and county hospital; I also work at a few of the private hospitals.

Whats your idea of an ideal date?

The ideal date is a time when the date feels special, honored, and cared for, and I feel relaxed enough to pursue her and be myself. Preparation, setting, and circumstances matter, but mostly it is connectedness, vulnerability, and communication.

What do you look for in a romantic partner?

She goes about her day as usual. She notices a friend or a stranger down and out. She stops a moment to connect eyes. If invited, she’ll give a cup of coffee to warm the hands, a couple encouraging words to warm the heart; if invited she’ll give time, but she always gives herself. She goes about her day as usual; nobody else notices. And she’s beautiful and loves Jesus.
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