• 25 2016 July

    Loss Of Libido And Common Signs Of Aging

    Dr. Roberto Miranda With Miranda MedCenter Treats Loss Of Libido And Common Signs Of Aging This doctor is taking an innovative approach Men want something beyond a pill to help them increase their libido. The...

  • Prostate cancer prevention and genetic disorder awareness - doctor (general practitioner) with protective and support gesture and blue ribbon.
    25 2016 July

    Man-To-Man: Your Prostate Health

    Dr. Nathaniel Polnaszek, Urologist at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center shares the facts about your prostate health The single most important factor in fighting prostate disease is an annual screening. By Nathaniel M Polnaszek,...

  • Grilled beef steak on the grill, close-up.
    25 2016 July

    Where’s The Beef?

    Lean beef isn’t just ok to eat, it’s actually good for you. Fire up the grill this summer with some lean red meat. By Chef Dyrell Dilorenzo, Baylor Scott & White Health In Austin we...

  • SDP_AustinMD20160712-1622_DRV
    19 2016 July

    Joe Greer Of The Reveva Institute Addresses Men’s Hair Loss

    A firsthand look at innovative treatments that work “With new hair growth, their first impression of me has little to do with my hair and more to do with who I am.” By Jon Black...



June 3, 2013 | 227 Comments

Gluten: Bad for your waistline? Many people’s health and diet are being affected by an intolerance they don’t realize they have. By TIM VALDERRAMA Today Americans are realizing that a diet of fast food and...

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Guide to Keeping Your Home and Business Safe

May 17, 2013 | 212 Comments

by CHRISTINE LEMAIR For Safer Home: Q: “Our gated community is pretty close-knit. There are times when we may see strange vehicles driving through, but we don’t necessarily want to call the police every time we see something suspicious....

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The Andy Roddick Foundation The Andy Roddick Foundation (ARF) works to develop and inspire underserved youth through education and sports -based mentoring, preparing each youth to succeed in the game of life. by TODD JOHNSTON...

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In Case of Emergency

June 10, 2013 | 264 Comments

First Choice ER Dr. Van Roekel’s first priority is making patients feel comfortable during their emergencies. SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION TO AUSTIN MD MAGAZINE The word emergency doesn’t scare him. Dr. Stephen Van Roekel knew he wanted...

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