Joe Greer Of The Reveva Institute Addresses Men’s Hair Loss

Published On July 19, 2016 | July/August 2016

A firsthand look at innovative treatments that work

“With new hair growth, their first impression of me has little to do with my hair and more to do with who I am.”

By Jon Black

Regenerative medicine, such as stem cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments, are transforming medicine at an unprecedented pace. Reveva, a new Austin company, is applying the same techniques to address a perennial quality of life issue, hair loss.
“I work with a great team of people,” says Joe Greer, Reveva’s founder. “It is very rewarding to help others who share my problem with hair loss. It is fun to see people growing their hair back!”

As part of this issue’s focus on men’s health, Greer wants people to know it’s okay to acknowledge hair loss as a happiness and wellness issue. “Losing your hair as a young man can be brutal.”
He speaks from experience. “People’s first impression of me used to include a heavy dose of baldness. As a young lawyer trying to get the right job and meet the right girl, it was all about self-confidence.” Greer confronted the unpleasant truth that some people judged him for his hair. Hair regrowth from the PRP treatments allowed Greer to return the focus to his abilities. “With new hair growth, their first impression of me has little to do with my hair and more to do with who I am.” He wants others experience the same effect. “For anyone suffering from hair loss, being able to regain your hair growth is wonderful. It helps to really bolster your confidence and improve your self-image.”
The PRP technique used by Reveva is a breakthrough for hair regrowth. “The technology has been around for decades,” Greer explains, “but for other applications.” The science is both simple and inspired. The patient’s blood is extracted and refined into a formula that concentrates signaling molecules, agents for the body’s natural healing potential. A micro-needling device then infuses the concentrated signaling molecules into the patient’s scalp to create new growth.
“The coolest part,” Greer says, “is that we are helping people re-grow their hair using their own body’s cells.” That is what sets Reveva’s procedure apart from conventional techniques like hair restoration surgery, “Our procedure is 100% natural, non-invasive, and significantly less expensive than the surgical alternatives.”

Anyone experiencing hair loss due to genetic or environmental factors can benefit from Reveva’s process. This, Greer emphasizes, includes women. “The process works as well for women as it does for men,” he explains. “Many people would be surprised by how many women suffer from hair loss.” The two requirements for the treatment are that some amount of hair remains to create more growth and the patient have a decent metabolism. For that reason, those with immune deficiencies or other issues with healing may not be good candidates.

Greer is excited by the results experienced by all of Reveva’s patients. His two favorite success stories, however, are close to home. “I am thrilled with my own hair. I was very close to being completely bald and have made a dramatic comeback,” he explains. Greer’s son underwent his first treatment in June and has “already experienced remarkable results.”

The idea for Reveva came about as Greer was considering investment in a regenerative medicine clinic being opened in Austin by David Bryant. Greer listened intently as Bryant explained the use of PRP in healing ankles, knees, back, lungs, and many other areas. When he mentioned its ability to naturally regrow hair, something clicked for Greer. “Most balding people like me would rather have bad ankles and more hair,” he says.

Two weeks later, Greer flew to the company’s primary clinic in Kentucky to receive his first treatment. When results far surpassed his expectations, Greer was hooked. He wanted to make the same benefits available to people in Austin. Within weeks Greer and Bryant had assembled a group of doctors and created Reveva.

Prior to creating Reveva, Greer practiced law in Austin, “Over the course of my career I have helped many people with a variety of problems,” he explains. “I see myself helping people with their hair loss as a very natural transition.”

While Greer says he had some fun and interesting trials during his law career, right now he has a hard time seeing himself going back, “I am having a blast getting my company into high gear.”

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