Shredding Fat with Dr. Smith

Published On July 15, 2014 | July/August 2014

Interviewing a best seller on weight loss!

Dr. Ian Smith, best selling author and TV personality, sat down with Austin MD Magazine to discuss his book, SUPER SHRED: The Big Results Diet. Dr. Smith is a co-host of “The Doctors” and a medical contributor to “The Rachael Ray Show.” SUPER SHRED takes the original SHRED diet and compacts it into four super-charged weeks. The plan utilizes meal spacing, snacking, meal replacement, and diet confusion to keep you engaged and give you options.

By Samantha Schak

AMD: What in your life has lead you to want to focus on health and the importance of a healthy lifestyle?
Dr. Smith: I have always been an avid sportsman. My interest in good health was tied to my desire to attain peak performance in the athletic arena. But as I got older and understood the implications of a healthy lifestyle I became even more passionate about the other life-changing benefits that could be obtained.

AMD: Many crash diets cause you to gain even more weight after the initial flush. How can I stop this from happening with Super Shred?
Dr. Smith: Super SHRED is not just about rapid weight loss. It’s also about learning how to make long term behavioral changes that will maintain weight loss. People who do this program are also so excited about their results that their desire not to gain the weight back discourages them from returning to old bad habits. Classic example of positive reinforcement.

AMD: So many of us have a constant problem with sugar addiction. What are your tips for the battle against sugar?
Dr. Smith: People think it’s the sugar added at the table that is a problem. The truth is that most of the sugar we consume is already in the food. Simply reading labels can go a long way in helping. Also answer your sugar fix with sugar that comes in a healthier package such as fruit, fresh smoothies, and fresh juice. Still, having a candy bar every once in a while will not do any harm at all as long as it’s done in moderation.

AMD: Your diet is very strict, however gives me options within that strictness. How did you find that sweet spot of balance?
Dr. Smith: I worked with hundreds of SHREDDERS from our Facebook community SHREDDER Nation when I developed Super SHRED. I listened to their feedback and incorporated it into the program. People are willing to be challenged, but they don’t want to be overwhelmed. They want a lifestyle that is realistic and rewarding. People want pizza, pasta, and pancakes. I teach them how go have it and still win.

AMD: I love that your diet is built for failure. Why was this important to incorporate?
Dr. Smith: No one will follow a program 100% forever. It can also be taxing to even try. We are human and life is more than just worrying about making the right decisions all the time. People need to feel okay if they mess up, otherwise they won’t try the task again. I build “failure” into my diet because I am realistic and like everyone else I want a cupcake with yummy frosting.

AMD: For those who hate exercise, how can we change our thinking that we’re doing so much ‘work’?
Dr. Smith: People have the wrong idea when it comes to exercise. They think you have to kill yourself to be successful. That’s why I created the SHRED 27 Burn DVD and SHRED 15 Burn workout on our website shredlife.com. Doing High intensity Interval Training (HIIT) you can get a great workout in less than 30 mins and continue to burn fat up to 24 hours even after you have stopped exercising. exercise should not be a chore, it should be fun and challenging at the same time.

AMD: What is the most common mistake you see people make on your eating/exercise plan?
Dr. Smith: They set unrealistic goals and punish themselves if they slip up. My philosophy is give it your best, and even if you don’t win every battle, you’re still a winner for trying.

AMD: Give me one sentence I can tape on my fridge.
Dr. Smith: If God made us perfect, we wouldn’t be human, so just try your best.

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