Hill Country Apothecary

Published On September 22, 2013 | September/October 2013

Back Old Pharmacy Traditions

“We want our pharmacy to be a place they can come to feel like they are treated as individuals and not just another customer
standing in line for their prescription”

By Jaime Netzer

Imagine a drug store in which the pharmacist steps from behind the counter to speak at your side, taking care to explain your medication, and to answer your questions. A beautiful, airy space in which you can, should you happen encounter a line, enjoy a juice or coffee bar while you wait for your prescription to be filled. A place where you can browse a large selection of nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, in addition to your usual prescription needs.

It may sound like a dream, or a memory of pharmacies long gone, but Austin pharmacists Jana Downing and Adam Metcalf are setting out to make this dream a reality for Austin this fall, with the opening of their new pharmacy, Hill Country Apothecary, in November. “Hill Country Apothecary will specialize in custom medications that cannot be offered at your regular retail pharmacies,” Downing says, explaining what will set her business apart. “By working with the patient, physician, pharmacist triad we will be able to fit the unique needs of patients. Our focus will be on overall health and wellness.”

The son and daughter of pharmacist fathers, both Downing and Metcalf saw firsthand the effect their fathers’ work had on their respective communities. Metcalf told the Lake Travis View, “Jana and I both grew up as pharmacy rug rats. We have seen the difference our families have made in their cities. And we still believe that pharmacy is an important part of the community. Metcalf wants Hill Country Apothecary to be more than just a place to pick up medication—he wants it to be a space for the community to gather. “We want people to come and hang out and play cards or talk about politics. Jana and I believe that Lakeway and the surrounding community will support this idea. We want to contribute to the area we live in.”

In addition, Downing adds that she and Metcalf want their customers to rely on them for their unique health and wellness needs. “We want our pharmacy to be a place they can come to feel like they are treated as individuals and not just another customer standing in line for their prescription. The atmosphere will not be a dull, drab environment that is nothing but aisles of products. We will have WiFi and a juice bar available to them that they can enjoy in a relaxing yet modern looking atmosphere.”

To achieve this goal, Downing and Metcalf are working with locally-based MF Architecture to ensure the pharmacy looks as different as it feels. Check out the difference for yourself starting in November at 1310 Ranch Road 620 S., and until then, find Hill Country Apothecary online at rxhca.com.

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