Harbir Singh, MD



Harbir’s career as a dual Entrepreneur/Freelance Emergency Physician at Austin Emergency Center has been awesome! He has the wide spectrum of knowledge to take care of nearly everyone, from babies to geriatrics, which is an amazing opportunity to see the entire scope of human existence; an opportunity very few people get. Not to mention, that it gives him the flexibility and freedom to pursue all his interests. Harbir loves traveling, both stateside as well as abroad. Though, as of late, he has made a concerted effort to spend time at home and cultivate relationships in Austin. Service is a big component in Singh’s life and he hasbeen elected (likely the youngest) full Board Member for the Texas Chapter of Emergency Physicians. This is one of the most powerful state chapters of organized medicine for both emergency physicians and their patients. Lastly, Harbir would like his donation to go to the Southwest Vipassana Meditation Center – as the meditation has helped him with building wellness and peace. It is something that our society desperately needs. Aside from traveling, Harbir loves playing tennis, hiking, rock climbing, and pretty much anything around Lady Bird Lake.

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