Victoria Leake, PT, DPT, OCS


Victoria Leake is a Doctor of Physical Therapy for Texas Physical Therapy Specialists and is the Director of the Parmer Lane Clinic in North Austin. Dr. Leake was a provider in the US Air Force from 2004 until 2012. Victoria had an opportunity to provide musculoskeletal care to prisoners of war in a detention center in Afghanistan. Furthermore, Dr. Leake established and developed a Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic in Anchorage Alaska where she practiced before returning to Texas to join the Texas Physical Therapy Specialists team. Victoria has chosen to donate to the Jeremiah Program, which helps to support single mothers in their pursuit of higher education by providing safe and affordable housing, quality early childhood education, personal empowerment and life skills training, and support for career-track education while reducing generational dependency on government assistance. Currently, Victoria enjoys running her growing clinic and experiencing all that Austin has to offer. She runs Townlake, paddle boards, participates in her church community and loves going on culinary adventures around the city!


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