Dine for your Waistline at County Line

Published On January 16, 2014 | January/February 2014

Finger-licking, melt-in-your-mouth, tender barbecue:

An Austin-area BBQ institution partners with St. David’s Hospital to serve food as nutritious as it is delicious

By Jaime Netzer

Whether brisket or baby back ribs, turkey or chopped beef, Austinites love the unofficial state food, no matter what it does to their waistlines. And County Line BBQ, an Austin institution since 1975, is famous for their flavorful spin on the perennial favorite food group of so many Texans.

At County Line BBQ, they live by four major principles. One, offer the highest-quality smoked barbecue—ribs, brisket, sausage and chicken—with traditional sides of coleslaw, potato salad and beans. Two, provide these BBQ specialties in generous portions at reasonable prices. Third, offer friendly table service with linens and full bar service. And finally, feature authentic locations that celebrate the heritage of Texas. For the original location, they chose an old speakeasy perched atop a hill. Flash-forward 38 years and seven additional locations across four cities later, and it becomes clear that County Line has done something definitively right in the depths of their pit smokers.

Part of that continued success, explains County Line owner and president Don “Skeeter” Miller, is due to the company’s flexibility. “If we did things the way we did 38 years ago, we wouldn’t be in business,” Miller says. Instead, County Line has listened to its customers and its employees alike, in order to stay abreast of food and diet trends and to understand exactly what they were looking for in a plate of ‘cue. “We listen to our customers, and we listen to our staff,” Miller says. “Years ago, we started awarding money for $100 ideas. Any employee who came up with an idea the company decided to use would get $100.”

Some of those valuable ideas, over the years, have been based on diet trends among Austin eaters. In the early ‘90s, for instance, information came to light on how harmful monosodium glutamate (MSG) was. County Line responded in turn by eliminating the flavor enhancer from its food. Then, a few years back, the restaurant featured an Atkins platter. When fro-yo was all the rage, they shifted from ice cream to low-fat frozen yogurt and then back again. The newest diet trend that County Line has adapted to is the uptick of glutenfree eaters in the Austin area. Time after time, when addressing these changing trends, Miller and his associates have been delighted to find that that their product is actually incredibly flexible—and can be quite healthy.

“Everybody looks at barbecue as unhealthy,” Miller says. “We’re trying to dispel that myth.” In order to do so, County Line has partnered with St. David’s Hospital as a part of St. David’s Healthy Dining Program, which was designed to create awareness among people in Austin and the surrounding areas about the importance of healthy eating. Many restaurants participating in the program feature healthy dining options on their menus, making it easier than ever for people to make sound choices even when dining out. Through the program, a registered dietician visits a restaurant for a sampling and Q&A session. If the dish passes muster, it earns an icon, “ST”, which means it has been designated as healthy by St. Davids. The County Line menu boasts several designated healthy dining options:

  • Grilled Norwegian Salmon Platter served w/
    a grilled veggie kabob, baked potato (includes a
    teaspoon of Smart Balance Spread). *Optional
    addition: side salad w/ roasted pecan balsamic
  • Grilled Chicken Breast Platter served w/ a
    grilled veggie kabob, baked potato (includes a
    teaspoon of Smart Balance Spread). *Optional
    addition: side salad w/ roasted pecan balsamic
  • Grilled Veggie Kabob Platter served w/ a baked
    potato (includes a teaspoon of Smart Balance
    Spread). *Optional addition: side salad w/ roasted
    pecan balsamic vinaigrette

County Line reps say taking part in the initiative is about serving healthy food, but it is also about keeping their customers happy. “We eat healthy ourselves,” explains Mark Reach, of County Line. “What’s most important to us is keeping our customers coming back.”

“It’s all about customer loyalty,” Miller adds. “Our Austin customers are discerning eaters and they’re incredibly health-conscious, which we love. Doing this program is just good business sense. We want to offer healthy options for both our loyal and new customers.”

And St. Davids isn’t the only place taking notice of County Line’s efforts: The Austin mayor’s office has expressed their support for the company’s healthy-eating menu. “We know that things are bigger in Texas, but that doesn’t mean our waistlines have to be as well,” says Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell. “Local restaurants like our own County Line that feature healthy choices help us make smarter choices, while still letting us get the ‘Texas flavors’ we crave and love.”

If the Yelp reviews and word-of-mouth votes of confidence are any indication, County Line has loyal customers by the droves—and will for years to come.

“It’s all about customer loyalty.”


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