Children and Their Teeth

Published On September 17, 2015 | September/October 2015

A back-to-school primer

By Dr. Kenneth R. Mueller

It’s time to send our children back to school, whether for the next round, or for the first time ever. This brings to mind another activity that some kids would probably also like to skip – brushing their teeth. Parents need to be mindful because children will skip brushing if given the opportunity. For starters, even if there is a rush, make sure your child has their teeth brushed in the morning before heading off to school. Sleeping late and being late for school day after day and skipping this important task doesn’t excuse them and it certainly doesn’t mean that their teeth will not fall victim to decay, gingivitis, and other dental horrors. Skipping morning teeth brushing increases the chances of these unpleasant circumstances. If you want to be sure you son or daughter brushed and you don’t have time to physically watch them (two minutes is the general time it takes) at least check the toothbrush to make sure that it’s – a sure sign it’s been used.

Oral HygieneIf your child is involved in contact sports and you want his or her mouth to be protected while playing, consider investing in a professionally-made sports mouth guard. Mouth guards are primarily used by football players, but basketball and soccer players would benefit from protecting their mouths as well. Who could handle the peer pressure if the whole team didn’t do it? Hockey players also would benefit from wearing mouth guards. Parents of children involved in contact sports should go see one of the doctors at Rose Dental Group to have a custom made mouth guard for your child’s comfort and protection. Mention this article for a discount! Budding young athletes love taking to the field/court/ice with the violent ferocity of a Mongolian horde. No one wants to see their son or daughter coming home from soccer practice looking like they insulted the Tooth Fairy’s honor.

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