Austin Kids Impress Colt McCoy

Published On September 14, 2014 | September/October 2014

“The health of the Capital City is easy to see even when those eyes belong to a person whose livelihood depends on peak physical performance and a disciplined diet.”

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By Jake Harding

A city is defined by what it displays. Depending on what a person reads into, a place can sometimes be spelled out in specific ways; two of those specific ways are health and fitness. There is no shortage of readily available examples on Austin’s hike and bike trails, greenbelt, Lady Bird Lake and, of course, our growing re-redrawn and re-reconstructed downtown sidewalks and streets. Runners and bikers are everywhere, while paddle boards, kayaks and rowboats increasingly fill the lake. Whole Foods corporate is at one of our city’s busiest intersections where many people moving through the area are dressed in some form of athletic wear on their way to buy nutritious groceries.

Austin has always had a rather popular reputation as one of the healthiest cities and state capitols in the United States. In 2011, Forbes ranked Austin the 16th healthiest city in the nation based on what is referred to as the American Fitness Index. Other Texas cities like San Antonio and Houston, along with large swaths of southeastern states and many metropolitan cities across the country, are experiencing what has been labeled an “obesity epidemic” and that a lack of healthy eating and regular physical activity could be a primary cause.

The federal government offers advice and tips for avoiding obesity and other serious health concerns. Sites like and recent efforts made by the first lady in reforming food label requirements are signs that society recognizes a general trending down in required physical activity and eater-consciousness. Fast food is easy and fast, soda tastes great and Netflix has too many options that result in multi-hour, season-lasting binges on the couch. However, as Austinites and science demonstrate, a nutritionally sound diet and exercise does and will continue to improve quality of life.

“During training, I don’t want to put anything in my body that is going to hold or set me back, so I stay off the sweets and the fried food.”

Sports are almost always at the top of that list of tips and advice to stay healthy, various potential injuries aside. And football is the most popular sport in America. Texas defines the sport of football as one of its many passionate claims to “big” — “big” on farming some of football’s biggest successes translates to “big” on working out and eating well. The University of Texas, of course based here in Austin, is known to every collegiate football fan and highly considered a player factory season after season for the National Football League.

Austin MD was granted privileged access to current professional quarterback, former longhorn and University of Texas graduate Colt McCoy during a pro-camp for kids in early July, sponsored by Scott and White Healthcare, a nationally acclaimed health care organization, recognized by organizations including U.S. News & World Report, Thomson Reuters and Newsweek. He was asked about how he stays healthy, the level of health that playing football competitively and nationally requires and how he feels about the general fitness of his alma mater’s city, Austin.

Colt McCoy of the Washington Redskins critiques form and technique as he watches the kids scramble about in the heat.

It was a scalding Saturday morning at Westlake High School. On the football field, hundreds of youngsters were organized into smaller groups, running various drills and practicing player-position exercises. Colt McCoy of the Washington Redskins critiqued form and technique as he watched the kids scramble about in the heat. Between shouts of encouragement and laughing with star-struck little ones, Austin MD spoke with him about his diet and eating regimen and how much that specific aspect of the profession contributes to his physical fitness. He had quite a bit to say. “I think it’s the most important thing,” he explains. “You know, for me, my body’s not equipped to carry a whole lot of weight, but if I eat right and train right, I think I maximize my potential of where I want to play. Being in my profession, you have to put on some weight, so I think that nutrition is key.”

In reflecting on some industry standard pre-season preparations, he stresses something that kids, adults and all sports enthusiasts need to consider. “During training, I don’t want to put anything in my body that is going to hold or set me back, so I stay off the sweets and the fried food.”

He was then asked about how he would compare Austin’s general level of fitness to other major cities, and his answer is on par with this heart-of-Texas. “I’ll tell you this: I think I can basically say that this camp, while having done some camps for other teammates, the second day, the kids are just drained, out of shape, sitting under tents and maybe not even showing up.” He pauses briefly. “Here in Austin, every kid we’ve added has showed up today and no one’s under the training tents, so I would say in general, I think Austin is a very healthy city. The parents do a great job of keeping their kids outside. I’ve been in other places where it’s not like this, so I’m proud to say that I feel like people in this area are very healthy people.”

Straight from a pro. Nutrition and daily exercise are vital to maintaining a healthy physical state. There are gyms at almost every intersection, a wealth of local sports programs and a great amount of grocery stores and restaurants dedicated to providing the quality food that Austin is becoming more nationally recognized for every year. Health is important to us Austinites. It shows through the people and events such as McCoy’s pro camp for kids, sponsored in great part by Scott and White Healthcare, a centrally based and homegrown health care service that, in the spirit of Austin, advocates for continuous strides in improving health not just here, but for thousands and thousands of Texans in our beautiful Hill Country and beyond.

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