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Our audience at Austin MD magazine provides a business outlet that will not only educate, but will also promote local businesses in a unique way. We are initially publishing 10,000 copies that will be distributed in up to 300 separate locations. Our yearly subscriptions of $25.00 are available now. Our audience is the one you dream about – the smart and sophisticated demographic that buys locally and thinks globally – and they’ll directly influence our distribution locations.

Editorial Support

As a marketing partner you will receive strong editorial support when applicable opportunities arise, Austin MD will offer support through: Editorial placement, Special announcements via print and digital editions, Social Media and Mixers and Special Events.

Prime Placement Ad Support

Austin MD limits our pages to a select number of advertisers allowing our ad partners to stand out as a brand in line with what our readers demand.  Austin MD offers prominent placement for businesses in and around the relevant features.  Placement available may include:  cover, front spreads, advertorial, spreads and regular pages in the each issue.

Ad Specs for Printed Magazine

  • Acceptable Formats: High resolution 300 dpi (see note on resolution below) and CMYK formatted ‘eps’, ‘ai’, ‘psd’, ‘tif’, or ‘jpeg’ files named with appropriate extension.
  • Please include all document images AND fonts (or be sure the fonts are set to outlines). If fonts are not received, Austin MD reserves the right to select font of choice for the design.
    All artwork and materials must be received by the 15th of each month.
  • Please deliver file on a CD-ROM or Zip or send zipped or stuffed via e-mail. Label all materials with advertiser’s name, contact number, and month of advertisement. Also include a color print out of ad.
  • Please e-mail artwork to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, so you need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • As an example of what we need for proper resolution, let’s use the full page ad with a bleed.
    • An image would need the following minimums in height and width for a vertical orientation: Width of 8.75 inches X 300 dpi = 2625 pixels in width
    • Height of 10.75 inches X 300 dpi = 3225 pixels in height (remember, these include the portion that will “bleed” off the page and be cut off).


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