Advanced Pain Care: Dr Mark Malone

Published On March 17, 2014 | March/April 2014

Advanced Pain Care

By Jonathan Black

Dr. Malone is in a unique position to understand his patients in a way other doctors might not be able to, “I have experienced chronic pain from a back injury,” he explains. “I can relate first-hand to what my patients are going through physically, mentally and emotionally.”

“Chronic pain is debilitating and takes over a patient’s life,” says Dr. Mark Malone, from Advanced Pain Care. “When a patient is in that kind of pain, he or she should not have to wait until next week or next month to receive treatment. That is why Advanced Pain strives to see our patients the same or next day.”

APC treats all types of chronic pain, including migraines, back pain, hip and knee pain, fibromyalgia, diabetic nerve pain, post surgical pain, spinal stenosis and others. Whether the treatment technique is prescription drug relief, targeted nerve injections or the use of a non-narcotic neurostimulator, an implantable device that overrides the signals of pain-generating nerves, APC’s focus is on innovation, accurate treatment and minimal recovery time.

APC recently implemented a “Functional Restoration” program in which a physical therapist works with workers compensation patients. This intensive 20-day program utilizes a combination of physical therapy and psychology to help patients return to day-to-day activities.

Part of Dr. Malone’s philosophy of care is that doctors should be in the examination room with patents or in the hallway with staff, in order to keep their fingers on the pulse of the office. Availability, both to the patients and the staff, is fundamental to his view of medicine. For that reason, Dr. Malone does not have a personal office in any of the APC locations.

Also essential to his approach is conservative medical care. “First and foremost, we listen to our patients,” says Dr. Malone. “From there, we use the most advanced technology and medically proven techniques to provide the least invasive options to successfully treat the pain.” Because APC providers are specialists in pain management, countless patients have found relief after even one visit.

The practice also pays attention to the psychological dimensions of chronic pain, for patients as well as their families. Chronic pain sufferers often do not sleep well, may not be able to work and may miss social engagements. Understanding that depression and chronic pain can go hand in hand, psychologists are available for APC patients as well.

Each APC employee, from telephone operators scheduling appointments to the operations coordinator ensuring patients have comfortable seating while they wait, is part of providing patients the most pleasurable experience possible. “By paying attention to the details,” Dr. Malone explains, “Advanced Pain Care hopes to go a long way in improving our patients’ experience in the doctor’s office and ultimately their quality of life.”

Dr. Malone is a board-certified pain specialist and received his M.D. from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He attended Baylor College of Medicine for his residency as well as
training in anesthesiology. He completed a pain management fellowship at Texas Orthopedic Hospital.A long time Longhorn, Dr. Malone received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

APC has five Austin area locations, including South Austin, Central Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park and Georgetown. A sixth office is located in Waco. In addition to Dr. Malone, the practice’s physicians include Drs. Ryan Michaud, David Martincheck, Sri Mandyam and Allen Dennis. APC accepts most types of insurance, including workers compensation insurance, and provides many payments options, so that patients do not have to suffer for financial reasons.

Dr. Malone is active with treating veterans as well as active duty military personnel who experience chronic pain. “I am humbled to be able to serve those who put their lives on the line, and on hold, to serve the United States of America,” says Dr. Malone. Additionally, he and his wife, Tracy, volunteer in projects for The Komen Foundation, American Cancer Society and St. Andrews School in Austin.

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